BOBO BIRD Lussu Kronografu tal-Injam Data Għassa tal-Kwarz

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Are you thinking about rewarding yourself for all the hard work you have done?
The perfect choice is buying the perfect wrist watch for you, it is also a perfect gift for your partner for them to know how special you are to him or her.
However, the main question is what wrist watch would you buy ?
Are you the type of person who wants to wear a metallic wrist watch like gold or silver or do you want something that is durable in terms of material and comfortable as well, like leather.
All these factors are what affect our decisions in picking the right wrist watch to buy and use.
Other people might think that this is a minor problem but if you really want to make sure that you are getting the best out of your money, we suggest that you also keep in mind certain factors for better quality.
There are lots of wrist watches out there that is very pricey but can easily break or function incorrectly and you would really want to stay out of those.
Some people have the mindset that pricing equals quality while most of them are really not that concise.
In some cases, you only pay for the brand and not for the material and if you are looking for a durable, high graded and glamorous wristwatch you are in the right place to search.
The Bobo Bird Luxury Wooden Chronograph Date Quartz Watch, it is mostly made of wood so that it can provide you the best quality and comfort that you can ever feel while using a wrist watch.
The manufacturers of this product searched for the highest quality of wood in the country for them to make sure that you will feel that you are using a quality guaranteed item.
The bezels and the wristbands are made out of wood and the crystals are made out of quartz, it has a chronograph and a complete calendar set up and it is perfect for casual outings or events and also for business attire.
Buy one right now and experience being unique, fashionable and confident with your style.

  • moviment: kwarz
  • Kawża Materjal: injam
  • Tip Clasp: Qigħan li jintlewa b'sikurezza
  • Reżistenza Ilma Fond: Ebda waterproof
  • Style: Lussu
  • Tema: Stop Watch
  • Tema: Kalendarju sħiħ
  • Tema: Chronograph
  • Tema: Fażi tal-Qamar
  • Numru Mudell: W * P18
  • Banda Materjal tat-tip: injam
  • Banda Wisa ': 17
  • Banda Tul: 20
  • Ħxuna Kawża: 11
  • Dial Dijametru: 40
  • Kaxxi u Każijiet Materjal: Injam
  • Dial Tip Tieqa Materjal: Hardlex
  • Forma każ: Round
  • Isem Brand: BOBO BIRD
  • Punt tip: kwarz Arloġġi
  • Sess: Irġiel u nisa

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